Based on his novel “The Shamrock Boy” Stuart White captures the drama, pain, betrayal and loss during the dark days of the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

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Set in the early 1980’s Dermot McGarvey (Tony Curran – Gladiator, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Pearl Harbor, Miami Vice), the Irish Republican Army’s premiere assassin sets out with two fellow soldiers to run a raid on British troops in a small village in the North of Ireland. The misfire of his rifle during the ensuing attack takes the life of innocent civilians and costs the life of Dermot’s friend and comrade Seamus.

The deaths of innocent bystanders, including a young child and infant,  result in the nationwide uproar of both British and Irish citizens. Add to this the grief of British Officer Joe Biddle as he learns that his son David has also been killed in the attack.

Joe requests and is granted a special assignment- to hunt down and capture (or kill) Dermot McGarvey.


Betrayed by friends and family, Dermot is on the run and fate reunites him with a love from the past, Kathy Monahan (Saffron Burrows – Troy, Frida, The Deep Blue Sea) the daughter of Irish/American Senator Patrick Monahan (Michael Gambon – Harry Potter, The Kings Speech). As Kathy and Dermot’s relationship develops, she attempts to garner his freedom using her fathers’ political influence.

A fugitive from friends, family and his enemies, Dermot and Kathy race across Ireland followed closely behind by the IRA, the British and his younger sister Nulla. Innocence can only endure for so long.

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“Crossmaglen” brings to light the vicious cycle of hatred, war and revenge; and in a surprising twist – redemption.

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