Torah Code

“…behold this is the greatest discovery of three hundred years of scientific research.”

                                                                                                                                                — Prof. Robert I. Aumann, Nobel Prize Winner, Nat. Academy of Science of America

In 1997, Michael Drosnin published a book “The Bible Code.” On the cover is a matrix that seemed to predict the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin that he found embedded in the 3,300 year old text of the Torah at least a year before Rabin was assassinated. After he was murdered, the name of the assassin was found in the same table. In a matrix on the Twin Tower attack, all the codes about it appeared over the plain text in the book of Exodus, “and fell from the people this day about 3,000 men…” Did these encoded scriptures already know how many people would be killed before the U.S. government could tally the dead?

It is now a fact that there is a code embedded in the first five books of the Old Testament in the Bible, known as the Torah. Why now are these encoded messages available to mankind? Some of them so simple that you can find them by counting Hebrew characters with your finger, but what are they for? Could codes be found in any text? Are there codes that reference physical objects in our time, or relate the most personal information about almost anyone? What about earth changes, solar events, political issues or disasters that threaten our very existence?

Torah Code 2012 will look deeply into the mystery of what messages are being revealed as well the science behind how they are now rigorously tested by some of the most brilliant minds in the U.S. and Israel. Could the Codes be there for our enlightenment or to help us find our way as the world and civilization in general are affected by some great upheaval?

And, what do the Codes say about 2012?

Aegis Film Group and Pinlight Productions bring you the answer…Coming 2012!