Jemiyah Jones & The Vampyre Ghost Ship

Jemiyah -Ghost-ship STAR


Jemiyah Jones & The Vampyre Ghost Ship is the follow up to the first book in the Jemiyah Jones series – Jemiyah Jones & The Kingdom of Nir.

This adventure finds our young heroine battling a much more sinister foe on this occasion and one that will test everything Jemiyah has been taught by her mentor, the Sorceress Hagatha.

As the name implies Jemiyah enters the realm of the Vampyre – an ancient Coven of Vampyrim known as the Romani.

With roots stretching back before the time of Christ – from areas now known as Romania and Hungary – the King of the Romani’s, Ivan Nostroff has assembled a veritable Empire of the Vampyre.  The Romani consists of clans from all over the world with their motto being “power in numbers.”  The Romani are the most elegant of the living dead eschewing all daylight preferring instead the cloak and comfort of darkness – from which all manner and shape of demon roams freely and unfettered – for after all what would a Vampyre have to fear?

A hidden society for millennium their existence has been a thing of folklore, rumor and speculation to most. Family feuds, however, have a way of causing the most private of conflicts to spill into the light of day.  The only problem with a family of Vampyre’s is that laundry is stained in blood.

Jemiyah has her hands full as she attempts to try to free her mother, Nigella, who previously was believed dead.  She lingers instead at the leisure of the evil Queen Baliekah Pearl in a dream state between Heaven and Earth.  Jemiyah successfully vanquished Baliekah in book one, but now has to unravel the spell that encircles her mother like a fly in a tightly woven web.

That web leads her directly to a ship unlike any other.  There are dead and undead but what does one make of the living…aside from a tasty meal.