Mata Hari


MATA HARI brings to life the brilliant and mysterious story of the modern world’s most famous and infamous spy.

Aegis Film Group is proud to be out of development on this thrilling and compelling narrative. We are set to start production in Montreal Spring of 2017.

Born Margaretha Zelle in 1876, this lovely Dutch native escaped the cold, and in her words ‘boring’ world of her homeland to marry an Army officer twenty one years her senior. Accompanying her husband to exotic Sumatra, Margaretha soon acclimated to and absorbed the beautiful and expressive culture which surrounded her.

After tragedy takes the life of one of her two children, she returns to Paris and begins a new life, a new past born of her imagination, and a new name..Mata Hari, Javanese for ‘Eye Of The Day’. A life that takes her from Paris to Berlin makes her a star of Paris nightlife as well as a wealthy socialite and a lover of men. Many men. Men in uniform particularly intrigued her and it was they who ultimately led to her demise.

Mata Hari will be a visually stunning tale, rich in landscape, emotion and drama. Not least the addition of mesmerizing costume, sensuality and movement of the Javanese dance, combined with the openly sensuous air of early 20th century France will make Mata Hari a lavish experience for the viewing audience.

Embroiled in a web of deceit, Mata Hari is trapped by lovers and accusers alike. Betrayed by those who used her, and convicted by those who could not bend her will, Mata Hari was executed on October 15, 1917 by firing squad. Mata Hari is currently under consideration at two major motion picture studios.