The Dark Corners

The Dark Corners Stairway 2

“…I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity…”

The swamps of the Lousiana Bayou have always held fascination for the adventurer.  The land has long been cursed and plantations built on this soil carry a sorrowful history – like that of a virulent disease.  A disease that cannot be cured.

Robulette Plantation, in St. Marceau Parish, is a prime example of where mind and dark matter collide, and in most hideous fashion.

Dating back to the late 1600’s when Pierre Robulette first broke ground on the Plantation the writing was on the wall.  Jesuit Seminary, St. Christopher’s, had already been established not far from the property.  Head Seminarian,  Jean-Baptise Cerval (eventually known as the Dark Monk) was not your usual run-of-the-mill priest.  He lost faith in God in favor of the Fallen Angel, Lucifer himself, and the curse he brought upon Pierre, his family and the Plantation would reverberate throughout the centuries to come in horrific fashion.

The Dark Corners monk

Fast forward to 2017. Robulette heir Paul Robulette has gone missing from the Plantation.  He’d flown in from Paris and was in the midst of a major real estate deal selling the property to investors.    Crime journalist Maggie Eggleston is tapped to do a story on the decrepit Plantation and it’s reportedly haunted past as well as the mysterious disappearance of Paul.  She sees it as a chore but is able to bring her 9 year old son Will along for the gig. As he’s on summer break she thinks it could be a great adventure.  Joining them is ultra-annoying photographer Jonah Simms,who Maggie has had the misfortune of working with on past assignments.  Jonah is a jokester and a tad immature but otherwise not a bad guy at heart.

What befalls them only adds to the horror of the Plantation’s long list of tragic endings.  Or does it?