The Book of Rituals

Chapter 8 From “Jemiyah Jones & The Fairies of Nir”

The most Sacred of all Books…..

“Jemiyah Jones & The Fairies of Nir

The first in a series of seven books by Arianna Eisenberg, Jemiyah Jones & The Fairies of Nir, takes the reader on a mythical, magical gothic ride from present day London back in time to ancient Minea and Sepharad.


Follow Jemiyah and her friends, Toby, Oliver and Sarah, along with her dragon, Exeter, as they unravel the mystery of the evil Queen Baliekah Pearl who holds the fate of the world by her evil string.  Join them in their fight to save the world from eternal Darkness.

Filming on the first book commences June of 2013.

 For a Thorough Synopsis  of Jemiyah  Jones Click Here


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