A Sprite’s Life


Tiana The Little Sprite from Kingdom of Nir

Tiana The Little Sprite from Kingdom of Nir


Tiani is the tiny Fairie Sprite from the Jemiyah Jones & The Kingdom of Nir book and film series.  A Sprite’s Life follows the adventures and exploits of the tiny sprite and her piglet Miglet! 

When Miglet goes missing it sends the entire Kingdom into a tail spin and Tiani and her twin friends Amethyst and India, along with their twin dragons Izzy and Ozzie, are on the search for the little sow.  Who knows where there adventure will lead them – but it will certainly be perilous as little Miglet has strayed outside the boundaries of the Kingdom of Nir into the dark forest inhabited by the Goblins. 

There are strict rules about not straying outside those boundaries. To do so invites all manner of evil and treachery to take notice as the Kingdom is ringed by Dark Forces just waiting to pounce on the innocent.  And who could be more innocent than a tiny piglet like sweet Miglet?


Miglet the Piglet

The Goblins are led by the particularly ill-tempered Dweezer and he’s no time for either missing piglets or those seeking her return!  To complicate matters the Goblin’s have taken over The Castle of Smiles banishing the King and Queen to the outer limits of the forest whilst holding captive the beautiful Princess Atosha.  They are holding the Princess in the upper most parapet where she only has the company of her trusted Gargoyle, Benedict for comfort.  The Castle of Smiles has become The Castle of Tears.

A sprite's life - ATOSHA (2)

Follow Tiani, Amethyst, India and Izzy and Ozzie as they attempt to free sweet Miglet as well as Princess Atosha from the iron grip of the Goblins.  It won’t be easy and great danger lurks behind every tree but Tiani has been itching for adventure and this is right up her alley!

Be careful what you wish for as the Oracle Nirvana proclaims….Evil has a way of finding you even when you’re not looking for it.

Oracle Nirvana



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