Heaven, Angels & Beyond

Angel cemetary

 We all die.

The Goal Isn’t To Live


The Goal Is To Create


That Will.


The paranormal has always been in fashion judging from much of the  historical data that is available to us.  

The Bible itself is a book filled with parables and stories, some of the most amazing stories ever written in fact.  From the Burning Bush to Sodom and Gomorrah, the story of David and Goliath to Jesus Christ Himself rising from the dead only days after his body seemed to die on the Cross. Stories of angels and demons, near death and rebirth experiences have followed mankind since His incarnation on this planet.

Irrespective of religious upbringing or affiliation, culture or ethnicity tales of other realms or consciousness, of another existence are real for those who have experienced them.

With Heaven, Angels & Beyond I seek to not only validate my own experiences but also explore how these same or similar occurrences have affected and touched the lives of others.  And there are many other stories to be told.

When we are born we all have a celestial book that is our very own and we write on each page daily, whether we know it or not, with our earthly existence, our lives. We leave impressions on these pages and when it is time to leave this world the book is said to be finished.  It is not!  I am beginning to understand that indeed the story is nowhere near completed.  The real journey begins with the end of the physical body and, as such, our story simply continues on.   And a fascinating story it is at that.

There are questions however.  Where do we go? What awaits us behind the veil that separates worlds? Others are reportedly “waiting for us” on the other side.  Who are they? What is the purpose of these figures who guide us, if you will, to our celestial home.  What and where is this place?  Why have so many of us been allowed the see, albeit briefly, behind that curtain when others are not?

Is it in order to relate to others our own experiences in hopes of giving them a chance to change their own lives?  To more fully understand the depth and breadth of this life that we are currently leading?

We are all more connected than we know on this physical plane and perhaps now is a good time to understand and embrace that truth; to come together as souls rather than be divided by earthly pettiness and strife.

The stories contained in Heaven, Angels & Beyond will hopefully uplift and inspire all to do more with their lives.  After all life is a gift and should be used to the fullest in the service of others. What greater calling can there be!

We will also be prepping the Television Show from the book