Girl Be Like

Girl Be Like


Set in San Francisco “Girl Be Like” follows aspiring writer Carmel Bergamot. Trying to break into the big time she’s been relegated to writing sappy pieces for women’s magazines – until she had enough and decided to BLOG! So was born “Girl Be Like” – a blog by a woman, for women and about women.

Carmel is young, fresh, irreverent and totally on fleek! She has a sense of style that is reminiscent of a young Madonna, attitude like an older Gaga and the chutzpah of Joan Rivers. The overnight success (such as it is) is beyond welcomed while at the same time a bit overwhelming. Writing her blog inspires Carmel and she inspires millions of readers with it. All this while her personal life remains in shambles.

While she writes cleverly about relationships, she’s not in one. She tackles sexuality yet she’s celibate. Gives advice but doesn’t take it. But Carmel is a clever girl who is surrounded by an array of eccentric friends, a loving but chaotic family and a French bulldog named Pulitzer.

Her best friend and neighbor Emory (think RuPaul in drag) is in transition, her landlord Mr. McIvoy (think Archie Bunker) and Emory are always rubbing each the wrong way, her mother is a cougar and her grandmother a saint – and voice of reason throughout…and then there is dad.

An unapologetic hippie, free love still exists as does the occasional whiff of cannabis. He’s a character but he loves his only daughter like she’s the rarest gem on earth and he’s her Knight in Shining Armor – well t-shirt and jeans actually. A highly acclaimed artist in the community Bradford Bergamot is open to all, big-hearted and the eternal man/child.

The series is young, fresh and unique. Girl Be Like WOW!