Holly Waits

Holly Waits - 2


Holly Holmes is a 30-something transplanted British actress in Hollywood who’s waiting on her big break – and tables – at Madame Chin’s Chinese restaurant.  She’s long held the belief that if you work long enough, believe hard enough and are talented enough that dreams do come true.

Dreams are a matter of contention, however, for Holly’s older sister Kelly – the married mother of two pre-teen nightmares.  Kelly hasn’t worked a day in her life and feels that all of her dreams have come true – but have they really?

Ask her beleaguered husband Leon, an entertainment attorney, who good-naturedly puts up with his own three ring circus – at home and his thriving law firm.

Holly’s longtime friend Ian leads the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles and is always good for a shoulder to cry on or a ready laugh.  A true talent himself Ian inspires Holly with his own brand of humor and determination in the face of tremendous obstacles.  As Ian says…”If you can’t beat ’em then shoot ’em and plead the Fif.”

Then there’s best friend and world famous chanteuse Sally Stack (think Bette Midler) who is trying to resurrect her stage career put on hold for a man who up and left when the first signs of age started to show.  By the time Sally knew it she was a “woman of a certain age” and talent notwithstanding unemployable.  Still well-loved by her fans Holly is heartbroken at times when they ask Sally when she’s coming back.

Sally quietly admits…”I didn’t know I’d ever been gone.”

And last but not least is the ubiquitous Mrs. Chin – the purveyor of all things dim-sum.  With a tongue as sharp as one of her Ginzu’s she constantly does battle with Kelly over her constant harping of Holly’s choice of employment options. When she’s had enough Mrs. Chin goes into her favorite retort…”Holly know how to serve five plates on one arm…what you do?”

Through it all Holly is a modicum of calm and always everyone’s best friend.  Join her and her band of misfits in a hilarious romp with rare moments of clarity and charity – while Holly Waits!