The California Table



The State of California conjures up all sorts of images around the world – sunny blue skies and perfect weather, the beautiful Pacific ocean lapping sun-kissed beaches, Hollywood, the desert and now…food!

From Northern to Southern California, from the ocean to the mountains people have a heightened awareness of their environment, their health and the quality of the food they eat and feed their families.  California is at the cutting edge of a new gastronomy in terms of fresh fruits, vegetables and vineyards with many chefs seeking out progressive growers and artisanal food producers all seeking new avenues in bringing people delightful dining and eating experiences.

Follow host Maria Finn as she travels throughout California to the fishing grounds, orchards, pastures and wineries meeting with those who are not only working to feed people the highest quality food and drink but who also give back to the earth more than they take.

We will endeavor to visit many of the wonderful wineries in the “Provence” of the United States in Sonoma and Napa Valley.  From Francis Ford Coppola’s winery and restaurant to the elegant French Laundry, Maria will guide you on a gastronomic tour of all things delightful and amazing.  It will be a feast for the eyes as much as the stomach.

Each episode will focus on a different area of California and will include an in-depth look at the planting and harvesting process all the way through to cooking and presenting a beautiful California Table at the end of each segment.