Pendragon - Eerie street scene


“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting,
dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared dream before”

Edgar Allan Poe

Disgraced Scotland Yard Special Unit copper Jude Pendragon finds himself moving back and forth between realms of the reality of present day London and the city’s brutal past. Descended from legendary King Uther Pendragon (father of King Arthur) the current copper finds himself dealing with an evil only conjured in the imaginations of men.

Pendragon has been removed from duty after savagely beating a suspect charged with the gruesome murder of 6-year old Anna Ferguson. While he’s one of the best Detective’s on the force, nonetheless he’s faced with a year’s suspension while undergoing psychological testing. It is the hope of his Commanding Officer, Harry Throckmorton, that he can be returned to duty and this time able to cope with the horrors he sees on a daily basis. There is a fly in the ointment, however, in the person of one Dr. Phillipe Avignon, head of the medical team monitoring Pendragon’s psychological review. He has a penchant for the unorthodox and those that work for him consider the man borderline sociopath.

In the interim Pendragon is still romantically linked with Abbey Fitzpatrick who heads the Forensics Lab as well as his best mate and former partner DCI Pete O’Rourke. Together they continue to supply Pendragon with privileged police information on cold case files he’s begun working on during his “hiatus” from the force.

When he comes across an unsolved case from 1965 involving the death of a young girl named Guinevere Murphy things begin to take a rather strange and mythical turn; one he never sees coming. Pendragon is obviously intrigued by the name association but is ultimately stunned by what transpires thereafter.

The crime was thought to be Satanic in nature but twists and turns into something much deeper, disturbing and ancient. The portal Pendragon innocently opens not only allows him entrance into a world he never believed could exist but also allows those currently residing within to exit – and that is where the real story begins.

Jude Pendragon is a deeply haunted and flawed character albeit one with honourable intentions. His own past brings forth a flood of images he’s tried hard to suppress through the years starting with the unnaturally brutal murder of his 4 year old sister, Julia. With a doctor who is eager to take advantage of any weakness to achieve his own selfishly morbid ends, Pendragon’s struggle back from the dark side of his own psyche is rivaled only by the infinitely darker London streets – and current day is no match for these same streets just centuries earlier.

This is a one hour 8-part series surrounding this one particular cold case. It is a paranormal thriller with an ending that will shock everyone. True Detective meets Penny Dreadful.