Waiting On Brad




Brad Zimmerman

If Woody Allen and Jerry Seinfeld had a child it would be Brad. 

Waiting On Brad is based loosely on the life of New York comedian Brad Zimmerman, a stand-up comic waiting tables while seeking his “big break”.  When not on the road he plies his trade as a feisty New York waiter who has seen way too many overfed cows and under-tipping customers over way too many years.

He is joined at Ben’s Downtown Bistro by African American owner/chef Ben Bourbogne, a former Louisiana transplant whose personality is hotter than his creole gumbo. Ben and Brad go way back and while they have a love-hate relationship on the surface, deep down there is a grudging respect on both sides.  

Waiting On Brad

Brad’s sporadic comedy gigs and waiting job has gotten him through tough times – but just barely. He dreams of the big time and leaving his one-bedroom on Riverside Drive (that he’s inhabited for decades) for the likes of the Hollywood Hills.

A cast of erstwhile characters swirls around him including landlady Irma Rabinowitz, Riverside Drive’s own Golden Girl.  She updates Brad on all the comings and goings of every tenant in the building all the while Brad could give a flip about any of them – or frankly Irma!

Then there is the family – Barbara Zimmerman, Brad’s long-suffering mother now residing in Boca-Raton, Florida – which Brad refers to as “the retirement capital of the Lower East Side.” If she went on the road she’d be filling Madison Square Garden on a nightly basis. 

Last but not least Brad’s life would not be complete without his Uncle Morrie (think Billy Crystal)  – aging, annoying and arthritic, but not necessarily in that order.  Morrie, no matter how irksome, is a constant reminder to Brad of who he is and where he came from.

Brad negotiates the avenues of his life deftly and with great humor. Less affluent than Seinfeld and more biting than Curb Your Enthusiam, Waiting on Brad delivers great pathos and a large dose of heartburn to the life and times of a comic who waits – and waits and waits and waits!