“Heaven wheels above you, displaying her eternal glories,

and still your eyes are on the ground”… Dante Alighieri

With the Third Reich in its final death throes, anti-Nazi detective Willi Prinz finds himself in the center of a horrific string of gruesome murders.

Surrounded by the physical destruction of war and the incomparable human suffering that engulfs him, Prinz remains unaware of his own bizarre link to the world’s most notorious man – Adolf Hitler.

 Subverted into the murky and violent world of the Gestapo he himself becomes the criminal – aiding and abetting them against his will and becomes involved in one of the largest scale thefts of priceless historical treasure the world has ever seen.

It is wholesale bedlam and chaos, but through it all he is tasked with finding out who murdered two women – both of whom trace relationships to the powerful among the Reich’s elite. While he has a sense of where his investigation might take him, he can never be fully prepared for what he will ultimately find and for who is responsible.

In the end Prinz cannot escape his own destiny and will be led, like a lamb to slaughter, to the realization of his own true hidden identity.


As a foreign correspondent, writer Stuart White covered major world stories including the Balkan wars in former Yugoslavia, the civil strife in Northern Ireland, the Scud missile attacks on Israel, the drug violence in Colombia, the genocide and famine in Rwanda, the Oklahoma City bombing and the aftermath of 9/11.

Born in Britain he has lived variously in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and the Persian Gulf, as well as travelling to more than fifty countries on assignment.

He is the author of five novels: Death Game, Operation Raven, ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings, Kiss of the Angel and Crossmaglen, which will be released as a major motion picture in 2011, starring Tony Curran, Tim Roth, Ben Kingsley, Brenda Fricker, Michael Gambon, Saffron Burrows and Thora Birch.


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